Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some Funny Stuff

Monday, November 28, 2016


CATS!  Everywhere you look there's a cat.  Here a cat, there a cat, everywhere a cat.  Seems like they spend the whole day just lounging around or sawing ZZZZZZZZs.  One of the favorite lounging spots is the top of the sofa cushions.  A really popular spot whenthe sun is coming in the glass doors and windows.  Gee whiz, Gracie and Jenny must be asleep someplace else.

Lily (A.K.A> Lumpy) - Yeti - Boru hit the sofa

Friday, November 25, 2016


Hey y'all, we're Triple "J" and Finnegan.  We were born in Sept 2015 And moved in as the newest Bumpass Hounds when we were twelve weeks old.  Mom and dad call us Tre' and Finn.  Triple "J" is a name that makes for a living memorial to 3 dogs that went to the Rainbow Bridge before we arrived; that's J.E.B., Jack and Jubal or the 3 "J" i.e. Triple"J".  Finnegan is just a good ole Irish name nd dad likes to say "in again. out again, in again Finnegan."We weigh in at about 650 lbs each cuz we're just still pups and haven't "filled out" yet.  We live inside with Patti and Shelby and all 5 of the cats.

Tre' (blue collar) and Finn (red collar) playing with mom.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


This afternoon's descriptive word is:


This evening's descriptive word is:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - yelp - zzzzzzzz

Please, let us lay 
(we don't lie)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Please have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Saturday, November 19, 2016



Hey guys, Boru here with today's Bumpass hounds & Kitties blog edition.  As you may, or may not, know, I'm the oldest cat or dog in the group, I'm 15 years old and hence the patriarch of the clan.  I've picked up some useful knowledge during my life and I've also picked up a lot of useless trivial crap too.  So today I thought that I'd share one of my more useless pieces of trivia with you so that you nay impress your friends at the office coffee pot or water cooler; whichever you prefer.  I involves an old tale (tail?) of the sea (the place where tuna comes from, Mmmmmmmmmm.).  It's from way back somewhere around 1899 or 1900, sometime around then.  So here goes my yarn (ball of yarn?).

The passenger steamer SS Warrimoo was quietly knifing its way through the waters of the mid-Pacific on its way from Vancouver, Canada  to Australia. Since tis was before Mr. Garmin invenetd GPS, the navigator had just finished working out a star fix and brought the Master, Captain John Phillips (not the Tom Hanks one), the result. 
NOT this Captain Phillips but another one.
The ships position was LAT 0 S 31' N and LON 179 S 30' W.The date was 31 December 1899.

Captian Phillips said, “Know what this means?” 

First Mate Payton broke in, “We are only a few miles from the intersection of the Equator and the International Date Line.”

Captain Phillips was prankish enough to take full advantage of the opportunity for achieving the navigational freak of a lifetime. He called his navigators to the bridge to check and double check the ships position. He changed course slightly to bear directly on his mark. Then he adjusted the engine speed. The calm weather and clear night worked in his favor.At midnight, the Master ensured that the Warrimoo lay still on the equator at exactly the point where it crossed the International Date Line!

The consequences of this bizarre position were many:

The forward part (bow) of the ship was in the Southern Hemisphere and the middle of summer. The rear (stern) was in the Northern Hemisphere and in the middle of winter. The date in the aft part of the ship was 31 December 1899. Forward it was 1 January 1900.  

                                                     International Dateline

This ship was therefore not only in two different days, two different months, two different years, and two different seasons, but in two different centuries, all at the same time!
This is a picture from the historic occasion:

Intersection of Equator and International Dateline at Midnight
This is a map of where it happened:

Intersection of Equator & International dateline is where dotted lines cross.
If you ever want to go to the place,you'll need a boat or an airplane.  If you're in the northern hemisphere simply head south (from southern hemisphere head north) until you see the equator, which is marked by a reddish line on the ocean.

The Equator line on the ocean.

When you get there, determine which part you're on.  If you are on W. Equator St. you have to turn east, and if you're on E. Equator St. you'll need tto turn west.  Continue sailing/flying until reaching International Dateline Blvd.  Look for the intersection marker in the ocean.  Its a large dark drum shaped float.  WALAA ...... you're there.

Here are a couple of other famous intersections that you might want to check out:

This one is somewhere in California I think.

This is a really cool multiple intersection out west of Florida.  A bunch of states come together there.

Utah & Arizona & Colorado & New Mexico Intersection
Can you guess which way is north, south, east and west without using Google maps?


A disassociated Boru Point to Ponder:

A Government That Pays You To Do Nothing - Destroys Your Willingness To Do Anything...

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


5:30 am:
Started the day as a hero! When the sound of the newspaper delivery guy stopping by the mailbox for his delivery roused me from my deep slumber, the fumbling with the newspaper "mailbox" indicating the paper was much bigger and heavier than normal, I realized that no one in the house was yet awake! I roused my master by licking him in the face and got the other dogs all excited to meet the dawn. JEB is easy to excite. Dad appeared somewhat angry with himself for having overslept, he was shouting and waving his arms. His ill temper even seemed directed at me a bit, which is silly since it is I who saved him from being fired; it was probably something that JEB or Shelby did that annoyed him. Mom wanted to play cause she was hiding under her pillow. Funny thing though: after dad and me went out to the mailbox to get the paper, with a quick stop for me along the way, dad didn't go into work, but spent the morning leafing through the large newspaper and drinking coffee. He seems to do this once a week and I don't know why.

7:30 am:
Invaders! The people who live next door came out into their yard, obviously getting ready to lay siege to our house. Snarling and barking, I let them know in no uncertain terms that I was prepared to tear them from limb to limb it they came any closer, and was able to repel the invasion. This is an almost daily occurrence; you'd think they'd learn. My master added his voice to the fray as well, yelling angrily. I am sure the people couldn't hear him, but it was nice of him to lend his support.

8:00 am:
Our breakfast was late. Too much important news in the "Sports" paper I guess. I don't know why dad doesn't keep a big bowl full of food for us like he does for the cats down in the utility closet. Too bad I can't fit through that little teenie weenie door; lucky cats. Boru always wants to share my treats but does he ever share - fat chance. If I "talk" to mom I'm sure that she'll give me and Homer a chewie. Glad the other guys are all out in the paddock.

10:00 am:
Out in the yard with the masses. I was forced to move, as the patch of sun in which I was lying had, for some reason, slid over a few feet. Sometimes it gets real dark when Shiloh stand near me and blocks the sun. Kinda like that movie "Cast a Giant Shadow." It's not easy being a dog.

1:00 pm:
I have the most thoughtful dad in the world! While it's true he left me alone in the house for several hours, he did set out an extra treat just for me on the kitchen counter. It was even gift-wrapped, a courtesy I wish he'd skipped, since it led to me having a lot of plastic in my teeth. The steak was delicious, though kinda still frozen in the center. I don't want to seem ungrateful, but crunching through two inches of rock-hard beef is hardly my idea of a delicacy.

2:00 pm:
Most unpleasant experience when my mom and dad returned home, dad was furious that I had not eaten the plastic wrap that had been covering my present. He kept pointing at the small pieces of Styrofoam and other debris and raving in a most irrational fashion. I'm sorry, but he should know that I can't eat that stuff; it makes my stomach upset. Mom was soooo mad at him that she started to cry. When dad began rolling up a newspaper I realized he'd lost all reason and bolted for the front door which, fortunately, he had left open just a crack.

4:00 pm:
Spent the afternoon with the girls; well with Abby and Shelby, Shiloh plays too "ruff." A most productive day; I was able to mark territory from one end of the paddock to the other. "Drip 'til you drop" is our motto. We had a small snack at an outdoor cafe we like by the fence gate, with meat scraps and bread served out of circular containers with easily displaced lids. Ran over by the back fence near that rogue Sebastian's yard, who lifted his leg with irritating nonchalance, does he think I don't know about his obsession with FooFoo, that snotty schnauzer from down the road? Last month there wasn't a male in the neighborhood who couldn't be found outside her fence, and Sebastian was at the head of the pack. I let him know I want nothing more to do with him.

5:00 pm:
What a treat! While sunning by the deck, a flock of ravens drew my attention to a squirrel behind our shed that appeared to have died from overeating. After several days in the sun, the aroma was so delicious it made my nose quiver. I rolled in the wondrous fragrance for several minutes, and when I stood up I positively radiated 'Eau de dead squirrel! Let Sebastian drool over FooFoo, he doesn't know what he's missing.

6:00 pm:
Of all the times to get a bath! My master, still in a foul mood, made me stand outside in the chill air while he shampooed and rinsed me several times. Why don't JEB and Homer want a bath? How come they're inside where it's warm? Every time I shook the water from my fur dad, too, became drenched, and in the end he was shivering. Why in the world does he do stuff like this?

9:00 pm:
I ate after all the other guys 'cause I had to dry in the laundry room. Now it's time to sleep, while mom and dad watch the TV box. I want to get some sleep cause I gotta make sure dad gets up real early again tomorrow so he won't be late for work. Ah, the life of a dog.

Baby JEB with Big Jubes (Jubal)


Jubal: Hey JEB, why don't blind people like to sky dive?

JEB: I don't know Jubes, why don't blind people like to sky dive?

Jubal: Because it scares the dog!


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