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Hi everybody, it's us Bumpass Hounds. This is JEB bringing you up to date on our current situation here in the bustling metropolis of beautiful downtown Bumpass, VA. As you might know from previous readings, Homer J. and Abby came here from Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary in WV where Miss Carol saved them so that they could come here to their forever home. Well, they just got a email letter from Miss Carol telling them about another Golden Retriever who is very sick and needs some help. His name is Ace and he's got something called Polyradiculoneuritis. Dad says that this link tells what it is:
It even sounds yucky. Anyway, over to youse guys Homer J and Abby-doo.
Homer & Abby here. We got this here email from Miss Carol and we want everybody in the whole world to read it too. Dad read it to us cuz we don't read well or listen well. We bark well, but that's about it. Anyway, dad said that we can post it so our friends can read it and maybe send it to their friends to read and send to their friends, excetera, excetera. Kinda like the doggie telegraph. Here's what Miss Carol sent to us:

Hi Everyone:
I'm sorry I haven't been in touch - it's been a very bad year so far. We all have them, I guess. Skip and I lost our beloved Spirit, then Jessie, and two weeks ago my best (human) friend of 38+ years passed away. I am thankful that I knew such a wonderful lady, but I miss her more than I can ever relate to you. As soon as I get my head screwed back on, I will get on with the business of touching base with all of you on some kind of regular basis.
However, the story below touched my heart - and my soul. Even a few dollars would help this poor dog. Please take a moment to read about him. He is not here - he's in KY. I don't know him, this story was forwarded to me. But, a golden in need, is a golden in need - so if you can spare a little money, I'm sure Ace's family would be very grateful. Please don't ask me anything about this - I don't know any more than I am sending you. If you have questions, call the vet who is caring for him.

Golden Friends
I met this beautiful Golden last week while I was at the veterinary hospital with one of my dogs. His name is Ace. As I sat there on the floor petting him and listening to his mom tell me his story, I could not help but feel so overwhelmed for both of them. Just 3 weeks ago, Ace was running and playing. Now look at him. He could barely move his head as he lay there in that wheel chair.
He could not move his front or back legs either. His legs and feet just limp. His mom is not sure what happened. He just collapsed one day. He was rushed to a vet who promptly misdiagnosed him. Critical time was wasted and by the time he was taken to Louisville Veterinary Specialty Emergency Services (LVSES) he was in a severe condition. Ace was then diagnosed with Polyradiculoneuritis. Better known as coonhound paralysis. I've attached some info about this illness. Pat (his mom) told me that her husband had lost his job. She, herself, had been diagnosed with breast cancer but thankfully is doing pretty well now. But between him not working and her medical bills, what savings they had is gone. They are struggling financially. And euthanasia is not even an option. She had no choice but to find a job herself just to have some medical insurance. She is putting all of Ace's medical expenses on a charge card. She loves this dog dearly and you can tell by the way he looks at her that the feeling is mutual. As I sat there listening to this, I just knew what I had to do. So, I offered to help her. She asked how? I then explained that I do rescue work and have a wonderful network of animal lovers. Friends....this is where we come in. I've spoken to the office manager at LVSES and she said they will accept any and all donations for Ace. But it must be in the form of a check. Their address is:
Louisville Veterinary Specialty Emergency Services (
12905 Shelbyville Road, Suite 3
Louisville Ky. 40243
Just write "Donation for Ace Nelson account." in the memo/for line on the check.
They will accept a call in credit card but it must be $50 or more. She'll then fax you a credit card signature page. Once you sign that and fax it back, your donation is accepted and posted. Their phone # is 502-244-3036 (Louisville Kentucky) Ask for Alisha.
Or feel free to stop in and make a personal donation if you are in the Middletown area of Louisville. I told Pat (Nelson) to set up a paypal account. The paypal account is help4ace502 and the email is
I've given Pat a lot of email addresses of organizations that help with finances but most were returned undeliverable. So that was no help. She's at her wits end and is getting very worried.
This baby needs our help. He is going to be in the hospital for several weeks before he's even able to go home. Then still more physical therapy, water treadmill and medications. Pat will have to be taught what to do for him as far as his feedings and care. I will be visiting him at the hospital several times a week and will keep you all updated on his progress...good or bad.
I know a lot of us are probably strapped for money but even a $5 donation (skip a Starbucks or other treat just this once) would be greatly appreciated. And it all adds up. His treatment is going to be very very expensive and will be ongoing for months.
How 'bout it....can we do this?
Thank you all and please forward this on to all of your contacts.
(see below from Ace's mom Pat)

I have never asked for assistance but feel that I am in desperate circumstances.We have a precious 2 year old Golden Retriever, Ace, who was suddenly stricken with polyradiculoneuritis (coonhound paralysis). He has not walked in over 3 weeks. He has been seen by at least 4 vets and one neurologist. There is nothing that can be done, no cure, except good nursing care, physical therapy and lots of time. My husband lost his job has been unable to find comparable employment. He finds work when he can get it, but has no steady income at present. I got a job that can only cover our mortgage and which offers health insurance. I am looking for another job but many of the other jobs require that you work 3 months until you can get health insurance. I am a recent breast cancer survivor who cannot go without insurance. Our expenses other than our mortgage are currently going on credit cards and we are living very frugally. We have no family who can help us with these bills.We have already paid in excess of $3000 for Ace's care across several vets. He was on a catheter for several days as he was unable to urinate or move his bowels. Right now he is staying for 2 weeks at a vet hospital that also offers physical therapy service. That care is costing us $1000. They do not think he will be able to stand after these 2 weeks and that he will need additional nursing care and physical therapy, probably another $1000. I am desperate to get him well, we love him so much, he is a joy in our lives but I cannot find the resources to pay for the care he will need to walk again. We have spoken with our vet and they feel they have given us as much of a break as they can. These charges include both boarding and physical therapy. Our vet said that they had treated a dog with this disease last November and that it took 2 months for him to stand and another month for him to walk. I don’t know how we can take care of him during the day if my husband is looking for a job and I am at work, and am concerned of the expense of having to board him until he can manage better on his own.He can only move when the vet puts him in a cart. I have attached pictures that show this.
My personal email is
Thank you so much for your help and prayers
Pat Nelson

Hey, Homer here again. Us Bumpass Hounds know about big vet bills; well mom and dad know about them, but they tell us about them (a lot). We had Chance's operations (Thanks Dr. Collins & Dr. Witter) and medicines for his cancer before he went away; we had Gordon's operation (Thanks Dr. Collins) when that brown thingee spider bit him and then when he got sick and went away. We had my cyst over my eye and then my cancer operation (Thanks Dr. Newman) to get rid of that lump. (My coat still hasn't grown all back in yet). And Jack had that golf ball under his skin by his leg that Dr. Newman was able to drain. WOW. It piles up, and mom and dad have good jobs. Must be tough to choose what to spend money on when you aren't working and the people are sick too. It's good that Doc Witter and his helpers are there when we need them, but it costs mom and dad money to be responsible pet custodians. I know that mom and dad won't make me go to sleep just cuz I get sick. They''ll do what they need to do make me better. They say that it's all about priorities and taking care of God's gifts.

Well, me and Abby want to thank Miss Carol, Miss Beverly and all of the other people in the world that help keep us animals safe and healthy. We hope that "yawl" (hey, this is Virginia) will try to help Ace if you possibly can. We're all praying for Ace and Pat Nelson tonight and hope you will too.

God Bless Ace and Pat Nelson.

Please make them both all better.


Homer: Hey Abby, what kind of markets should us dogs avoid?
Abby: I don't know Homer. What type of markets should us dogs avoid?
Homer: Us dogs should avoid flea markets!

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Thoughts said...

Ace seems like a pretty sweet little fellow. I have never seen a dog in a condition like that and its heartbreaking. I hope his big old spirit hangs on.

Thanks for telling us about Ace. I plan to write a check.



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