Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Hey Bumpass Hounds readers. Dad said that it's time for me to introduce myself to to everyone. He said that you already know a lot about me. My name is Radar, it used to be Radio but they're both pretty similar so I don't mind what you all call me except late for dinner. I am a foster puppy in quarantine with my foster mom and dad; well they're not in quarantine, just me. Dad says that I shouldn't make any plans for moving though. I'm starting my last week of living by myself out in the big garage here across the yard from the house where mom and dad, and evidently a passel of other dogs live. I see them in the back yard all the time. Mom and dad have been very religious about my quarantine and it has not been easy on them because they say that they want to bring me in the house with them. They spend a lot of their available time outside with me or in my kennel. Today dad sat in one chair in the front yard and took a nap and I sat on the Jeff Gordon chair and took a nap too. Mom said we made a swell sight out in the front yard. I eat 3 times a day; dad gives me breakfast early at around 5 AM before he goes to work, I have my lunch at about 3 PM when mom gets back from her veterinary tech internship and then dad feeds me again at about 8 PM. Saturday morning was the last time that dad had to remove waste from my kennel. They really don't expect me to hold my business all night but I do make the effort. Dad has been collecting everything solid I do in my kennel or out in the yard and putting it in a 50% chlorine bleach solution because of my bout with the parvo virus. I go out in the morning before and after breakfast and then I am out again, weather permitting, most of the afternoon. Mom gives me my mid day meal and then sits with me for a couple of hours and then dad spends time with me when he gets home and he feeds me my dinner. Mom and dad say that they want me to have interaction and I can't currently get that from the other dogs. Mom and dad have been disinfecting the concrete floor whenever I make deposits. They have wipes for my paws if it's obvious that I've stepped in stuff. I love to have my belly rubbed while being cradled like a baby. Dad say that I'm already taking up significantly more lap space than I did two weeks ago. I have had only two nasal discharges since I've been here and both were from the left nostril. I have also been making great strides with the "No Bite" command. I hear that a lot from mom, dad, and The Urchin. My eyes have not been runny but are usually moist, dad says that their other blind dog, Gordon, had that same situation. Gordon didn't blink and evidently neither do I. Lake Anna is in a very high pollen count period right now from all of the hardwood trees here. Because of the heat, I have a fan next to my kennel, which is on constantly unless it gets cold. I have a heating pad under my bed pad and have used it on the two cold nights that we had last week. The detached garage where my kennel is set up is insulated but neither air conditioned nor heated. dad says that I have started to be a furniture re-arranger within the kennel. Dad removed the puppy liter from my liter box because I wasn't using it and now I use the liter box as a toy box. Each morning dad finds it in a new location within the kennel. I have discovered how to tip over my anti-spill water dish and the two mats in my kennel are frequently in a pile. My bed is the only object that seems to stay undisturbed in one place. Dad swaps out an empty plastic water bottle in my kennel everyday. I like to make them crinkle as I flatten them out and it saves dad the trouble of having to compress them for recycling since I do it for him. Our plan is to end my quarantine this coming Sunday as it will be 3 weeks quarantined here plus my previous hospital time. Then mom and dad will introduce me to the other dogs and something called "cats." If all goes as expected, I will then move into the house at night and whenever else mom or dad are home. I will probably stay out in my kennel during times when they are both away. Mom and dad do not expect me to be overwhelmed by the stairs to get in or out of the house as I'm a high stepper. Gordon favored staying downstairs at yard level when he was in his senior years but I think I'll want to be where everyone else is. Mom and dad have a small crate for me to sleep in and guess what? It'll be in their bedroom at night. Well, that's about it for now, I'm tired. Puppies need lots of rest. We will keep you updated on my progress.
- Radar and The Bumpass Hounds



Suzuki said...

Thank you fur the pupdate Radar!
Big licks to you

Clive said...

Thanks for the update Radar. We love to hear how you are doing.

lots of woofs

DCampy34 said...

It is so wonderful to see that you are doing well - good luck on your last week of quarantine and be careful when you meet the cats they can be ricky


Gus said...

Radar: Seems to me you are doing very well, and will soon have the humans trained. You do know that blind dogs (like blind people) are not SUPPOSED to like it when things are moved around in their spaces. Does this mean it is OK when you do it yourself, or had you not heard that rumor?

gussie d

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Radar, it sounds like you're living the good life! You get one-on-one time with your mom and dad, three meals per day, and lots of love! What more could a pup ask for?


Paco....Milo and mom..Simona said...

Radar....we're sooooo happy to ear from you that you're doing well!!!
We're back and we're very very very happy...so we could read about you and the adventures that all of you had!!!!!!
we missed you a lot!!!!!!!!!!
Awwww.....you video is Great and you look sooooooooooooooooooooo cute on the chair.....
mommy would love cuddles you a lot!!!!!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....and we too!!!!!!!
Lots of love and kisses and take care of you ok??????
Sweet kisses dear friends!!!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yeah, Radar, we wouldn't worry about packing your bags. Looks like you've got the life of Riley ... uh, Radar there. Enjoy the one on one attention while you can. Next weekend you'll meet the gang. All elebenty hundred of them!

Diego Dog said...


I'm glad to hear how well you are doing. You deserve to be a Bumpass Hound!!

Diego Dog

The Army of Four said...

Ha woo. I was a foster here for a while, too, Radar. I'm just sayin'.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Make sure woo keep resting!

Meeting those KHAT khritters will rekhwire LOTS of energy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Radar! Good to know you're being well taken care of... only one more week, then you can join the gang! Woof, Tank

Bob said...

Way to Go Radar, we can't wait for your big coming out party.


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