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RADAR (a.k.a. RADIO)

Hey Hounders,
It's me, the sometimes annoying (depending who you ask) but always lovable blind Golden Retriever puppy Radar (a.k.a. Radio). Guess what happened on January 25th of this year? Yeah, yeah, it snowed (somewhere) but that's not it. Guess again. Did you figure it out yet? Yep! I was born on January 25, 2009. When I was born I wasn't quite done yet. My eyes hadn't developed and I didn't have a tail. I obviously wasn't gonna be a prize puppy for sale, now was I. For some reason the breeder decided that rather than terminate me I could go to a rescue shelter. Fortunately for me I was offered to Almost Heaven (where I was headed) Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, in Delray, WV. Skip and Carol Frees devote most all of their time, money and lives to operating AHGRR. Ms. Carol seems to be the brains and Mr. Skip the brawn, but there's a lot of commonality on a lot of the things needed to keep AHGRR a going concern. Even though I was an outcast and not normal, Ms. Carol didn't think a second about taking me. She evidently saw something in me that nobody saw, spirit and potential. I was a favorite of Ms. Carol's with some special privileges. Well I wasn't at the shelter too long when Ms. Carol noticed I was having some problems. Being that I was already a burden I didn't know what would happen to me. But Ms. Carol decided that I would go the vet to get looked at, not tomorrow but right away. I was diagnosed at the vet as being positive for the Parvo Virus; I was very sick and already behind the 8 ball as they say. The Hillside Veterinary Hospital vets and techs took very good care of me and did their best to make me better. I was in isolation for a week while being treated. Parvo is a highly contagious virus that usually kills small healthy puppies, never mind sickly runts. Well I survived and got better. Unfortunately I couldn't go back to AHGRR because I needed to be quarantined from other animals for a month and AHGRR doesn't have the facilities to do that. But Ms. Carol worked hard to find a sucker, I mean to find a kind person willing to take me in and keep me isolated. Where do you find such a place? Why not call The Bumpass Hounds, heck they only have 9 dogs and 3 cats so isolation and quarantine shouldn't be much of a problem. Ya see, Ms. Carol can make anything work out. Turns out that The Bumpass Hounds have a large detached 3 car garage and a 4' x 8' cyclone fence kennel. Maybe the kennel could be setup inside the garage and I could stay quarantined in there and not mingle with the other Bumpass Hounds. Well The Bumpass Hounds offered to do just that and said that they'd be glad to foster me until a furever home could be found for me. The Bumpass Hounds sent their mom and dad all the way to Charlestown, WV from Bumpass, VA to pick me up at the animal hospital and bring me back to Bumpass. I had special medicines and supplements that I needed to be administered but that was no problem either. I even had a radio and fan set up outside the kennel to keep me cool and entertained with aural company. Some lady with a very comforting voice talked me to sleep every night, her name is Delilah. She even played comforting music for me. I was put on 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was walked out front regularly and didn't have to spend too much time alone except at night when I had Delilah with me. I had a lawn chair to sit in out in the yard. I had just a few toys in the kennel to play with. I even had people visitors come to meet me. The quarantine period passed and I was introduced to The Bumpass Hounds. Our adventures and situations are documented in The Bumpass Hounds blog archives and I'm sure a lot of you have read them. So Ms. Carol and Mr. Skip saved me and found be a good foster home. Unfortunately The Bumpass Hounds aren't very good at being a foster family, in fact they really suck at it. Seems that they are very reluctant to let a dog go once it's been in the family a little bit. I'd been in the family for more than a little bit and sure enough they told Ms. Carol that unless she was adamant about placing me somewhere else, it would very much be appreciated if I could just become a permanent Bumpass Hound family member. So Ms. Carol and Mr. Skip not only saved my life, they said yes to me being a full fledged Bumpass Hound. I owe them everything that I have. I love them and will never forget them. I'm happy here and I'm loved here. Sure we all have to make accommodations. I've been accepted and I've had behavioral limits set by my new siblings. They don't take my blindness as an excuse for being able to assault them at will; well maybe Sophie still lets me do that but she's getting more serious about saying no. So tomorrow, Saturday, July 25th is my 1/2 year birthday and I'm still here and I'm better than ever. My dad and mom say that I'm as close to normal as a blind, tailless pup can be. I weigh close to 50 lbs and I have no known after effects from the Parvo Virus. I can get up on the MBR bed all by myself now. I sleep in a crate in the MBR. I love being outside and I can do "sit" and I can give a "paw." I almost can do "lay down." I haven't yet mastered "get down." I can also do "no bite." I don't bump into as many things as a used to. I'm getting along just fine, thank you. If it isn't too much trouble, please stop by the AHGRR website and tell Ms. Carol and Mr. Skip how glad I am that they chose to save me. I'd appreciate it if you'd tell them "thank you" for what they do for the animals. And thank you to all of you guys for reading our blog.
- Radar and The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties


chicamom85 said...

That is a beautiful story and you are beautiful. Thank you for telling me that. We want to know if you will come and play tag with me. Come and visit my blog if you do. If you don't thats ok, just sending lots of love your way.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Martin Hooper said...

Radar that's great! :) Happy Birthday to you dear pup!

Glad your getting along with the other hounds well too!

Its nice to have loving friends and humans isn't it?

Tracey and Huffle said...

Radar, you must be one of the luckiest pups in the universe. Make sure you do the right thing by the Bumpass Hounds mum and dad, and look after them when you are a grown up pup.

Happy half birthday!

Huffle Mawson

Bob said...

You have made everyone very happy and we are so glad you have the wonderful home that you have.
Please be kind to Sophie.

Hamish & Sophie

Brodie and Ailsa said...

Loved reading your story, You be nice to your siblins, When I was a puppy I had a little big sis called Tanya, she was blind and deaf so I used to help her find her way around, Buts you would have lots of energy Bets you gets your self into trouble.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone not love that adorable pup?? I think everybody won big in this story!

The Army of Four said...

Happy half birthday, Radar! I just zipped those lovely bipeds an email!
We're so glad you're safe and happy!!1
Tail wags,

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom is all leaky after reading that!

Woo are a furry lukhky pup


So are we fur being pawmitted to know WOO!


Ms. ~K said...

Hugs and Rubs to you!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, Radar, you do have a lot to be thankful for. You've had a lot happen in your young life and you've got a big family now to enjoy.

JackDaddy said...


You have found some AMAZING people! I think you should keep them!

Thoughts said...

OMG what a touching story. You all in Bumpass have such big giant hearts and souls, its so inspiring. Thank you for all that you do for these poor helpless animals. What would the world be like without people like you? I shudder at the thought.

I sincerely wish you all the love and kindness in return that you can possibly get. This story truly touched me (Im all leaky now thank you very much).

And to Radar: God bless you little one, welcome to a life filled with love, happiness and undying affection.

Jaime Smith

Farley's Mom said...

Mogley sent us over to read this post, and we are grateful. Radar, we are so happy that your forever home is with such a loving family. Congratulations on your 6 month birthday and we wish you many years of happiness!


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