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Hey Hounders,
It's Radar here with a special post. Y'all know that I'm only alive today because of Ms. Carol and Mr. Skip at Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary. Well dad recently got a news letter from Ms. Carol with all the latest gouge (that's Navy talk for information) about the goings on up at AHGRR. Seems that after I contracted the Parvo Virus the need for a Quarantine Facility at AHGRR became apparent. They didn't have one so when I was released from the hospital I couldn't go back to AHGRR since I needed to be isolated from other dogs for 4 weeks. That's how I came to be a Bumpass Hound. Mom and Dad here had a 4' X 8' chain link kennel and a detached 3 car garage to set it up in to keep me isolated. They took a likin' to me and here I stayed. Anyway, I'm posting the AHGRR News Letter for y'all to read.

Hi Everyone:

As usual, it's been busy here at Almost Heaven. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has stepped forward and joined us in our fight to save lives. Our supporters are a VERY special group of folks - and we count our blessings every day.

We are pleased to report that our quarantine building is almost complete. The electric company hooked the power up earlier this week, and there is just a small amount of work left to be done inside. The outside grading, etc will take a little longer as we have been drenched with rain again - - - - - this is the wettest summer I can ever remember.
The wiring for the emergency generator system is also now complete, so we will have the ability to heat or air condition the buildings for the dogs in case of power outage. We only need to build a small platform for the generator at it's permanent location and a cover to protect it from the elements.

Intakes are outnumbering adoptions by almost 2 to 1. The economy is wreaking havoc with almost every rescue and shelter we work with, and a number of them were no longer able to continue - and have closed. We are being asked daily to help those animals left behind. We are also receiving almost daily calls from those who have lost jobs, homes, loved ones - - - - - - -

Scooby and Shaggy - a pair of 9 year old brothers came to us from an owner who kept them outside - - - - all year long. Scooby has suffered some neurological damage - we think he may have been hit by a car or similar accident. He has an strange, hopping, swinging type gait and some other motor quirks. Shaggy appears to be a normal, happy, 9 year old boy. They are NOT bonded - - - - and in fact, do not appear to like each other very much - - - - - - sort of like "Grumpy Old Men".

<--- Scooby

Shaggy --->

Because of Scooby's health issues, he will remain here with us. Shaggy would love to find a retirement home.

Due to the unusually large number of requests, we are accepting animals who are not Goldens - but who have golden hearts, such as Joshua, a lab mix boy. Josh was in a southern shelter, born with 3 legs (we think), and heartworm positive. He had NO chance of getting out of there alive - and was a shelter favorite. Josh's foster Mom says he is one of the nicest dogs she has ever met. He will be coming here soon to be neutered and receive his heartworm treatment. We just could not leave him to die. Josh is currently looking for angels to help with his medical expenses.

Joshua --->

We are also trying to help the dogs who survived the flooding in Louisville. There were approximately 500 animals housed at the shelter there when the flash flood hit. We had pulled two from there just the week before, and they are safe in boarding, but many have died, and many are suffering illnesses related to almost drowning. We don't know how many dogs survived yet - - - - - -

Meet Bear
<--- Bear
Bear is an older fellow whose owner left tied at the end of a chain and "forgot". A neighbor fed and cared for him in the owner's absence, and then the neighbor was called away on business for an extended time. When she returned, Bear was almost dead, too weak to rise on his own, skin over bones. As you can see, Bear is a golden mix boy, and has recovered from his neglect - and abuse. Bear is a good boy who would love to find a retirement home soon, though he is welcome to remain here as long as he needs to. Bear is a total sweetheart - - - - - - - Due to the volume of requests and the urgency of most of them, we are finding it necessary to board some of the dogs until transport/intake can be arranged. The new quarantine building will help alleviate some of this problem, but not all. We know the economy has hit us all hard, but if you have a few extra dollars now and then, we could put them to good use here. We can also use bedding (sheets, towels, blankets, sleeping bags, etc) - any time. Thank you all for your continued support. We would not be saving lives without you.
Carol @ Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue


Well, that's a swell news letter Ms. Carol. Thanks for sending it. I'll give dad my pathetic blind yes look and ask him to send you some of those dollar things to help with my Quarantine Facility. We know that you are a tax deductible donation facility and that we can make our donation via PayPal. It's all right there on your website. Maybe if our readers all sent you just $1.00 AHGRR would have a $50.00 donation. If any of you Hounders can send Ms. Carol just $1.00 it would help complete the Quarantine Facility so that my situation won't be repeated. If the Quarantine Facility had been there when I got out of the hospital and needed to be isolated I would have been able to go back to Ms. Carol and Mr. Skip until I was all better. Thanks again Ms. carol and Mr. Skip for being there for me so that I could live to bite another day; that's bitey-face biting, not hurting bad biting which is a no-no. I love you evn from afar.

Hey Hounders, thanks for reading the AHGRR News Letter and being our friends.
- Radar and The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties


JackDaddy said...

Thank you for letting us know about this organization. And they accept PayPal!

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

what a wonderful post dear radar!!!
Thanks for letting us know about this organization...
Can we donate from Italy too??
We would love to help all those unluckily sweet dogs!!!!
They need another chance to live happy and beloved!!!!!
You're a vey very special dog sweet RADAR and we love you and your family a lot!!!!
HAve a wonderful thursday!!!
Tons of love and kisses

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom is all leaky now...

If/when her eyes khlear, we'll try and find the paypal button...

What 'people' are doing to innocent pups these days is so wrong...Mom sees her own sad khases with her transports (i.e. this weekend's St Bernard who had been on a chain all her 10month old life)...

She mutters something about one day...some day...


Bob said...

Our Dad said he will be sending a donation. Thanks Radar.

Hamish & Sophie

Jan's Funny Farm said...

If the quarantine building had been there, you wouldn't be a Bumpass Hound now, Radar. But it will be there for the next dogs that need it.

It is very sad that so many hare having to part with their pets because of the economy. And there is never an end to those who don't take car of the ones they have.

You dogs and cats are fortunate, you have a good home.

Sierra Rose said...

Mom is leaky eyes too!
Thank you for the update. Some news breaks our hearts, but what an amazingly wonderful place and network Almost Heaven is!!!
Please keep posting the newsletters, and love the sweet photo of Radar!!!!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Clive said...

What wonderful work they do at Almost Heaven! Thanks Radar for sharing that with us.

Take care

rozydesouza said...

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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Don't get me wrong, this new facility is great news, but aren't you just a little happy that they didn't have one when you needed it? Otherwise how would you have become a Bumpass Hound?



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