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Hey Hounders,
This is a picture of Barnegat Bear; Old Barney we call him. He is from Long Beach Island in New Jersey; we're not sure what Exit # that is. Lots of famous celebrities are from New Jersey; The Four Seasons, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Abbott and Costello, Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra, Tom Cruise, and Nanook and Pooka, etc. Anyway, mom and dad got him on a weekend trip they took (WITHOUT US) to LBI a few years ago. Old Barney lived at the old house and moved here along with the rest of us. He lives on our front porch and watches over the front yard. He holds a welcome sign with which to greet visitors. He gets to see all of the colors changes and watches the leaves falling off of the trees. He is very temperature tolerant and doesn't complain whether it's hot or cold. He is under the porch roof so he seldom gets rained or snowed on. He is a very heavy bear. Barney is named after a the Barnegat Lighthouse up on LBI that is also nick named Old Barney. Dad and our sister Sarah's husband, the Beel, both climbed the 217 steps all the way up to the top of Old Barney; mom and our sissy Sarah chose not to walk up all those stairs. They said they would have gone if there had been and elevator or escalator; no such luck, this isn't the WashingtonMonument. On to the terrible terrain tour for today:

This is our scenic antena farm which, unfortunately, had to be located in the front yard on the north side of the house. The antennas have to point south and needed to be way out front in order to have a view angle to clear the tall trees out behind our back paddock.

This is the Golden Retriever flag that hangs off of our front porch. It looks a lot like Jubal. That's Sophie trotting along out in the front yard; notice the perfectly manicured lawn - NOT.

On the left is one of the last hydrangea blooms. We had a blustery rainy and windy weekend so it is probably kaputted now. On the right is the view looking off of the back deck down to the paddock run. The trees are rapidly loosing their leaves which have mostly turned brown or yellow.

On the left a slightly different view of the same hydrangea bloom. On the right is the view from our front porch looking northeast across the front yard where the swing is located. After this last weekend it is now hard to distinquish the driveway gravel because of all the leaves on the ground. We hope mom and/or dad don't inadvertently drive into the drainage culvert out by the road.

On the left, for Huffle's mom Tracy, is the last of the pretty hydrangea blooms. We're pretty sure that's it is kaputted too now. On the right is the view from our front porch looking north across our street. The house slightly to the right is a "summer" home. The people only come down 4 or 5 times a year. It will probably be a retirement home since they live up near metropolitan D.C. and dad says the traffic there suxs.

To the left is a photo of the grass garden out by the swing in the front yard. There is some tall grasses and that silver stuff and some of the abundant weed plants (no muzzer, not that kind of '60s weed). "Someday" dad is supposed to edge it and mulch it so it looks better. To the right is one of the plants in the walled garden along the front walkway. The Army of Four's mom probably knows what type of plant it is; we don't.

Remember, the MG is one of our followers listed at the top of our blog. These are the clues we gave y'all so far for this week's Monday Mystery Guest:
1.- The MG is like those 4 women that had a TV show and supposedly lived in Miami, FL, but is only one.

Today's Clue:
2.- The MG is a NorCal GRReat dog.

Hey Hounders, it's me, Radar (a.k.a. - Radio). This is another one of my adoption pictures from when AHGRR saved me from being "put down." I'm not sure what they were gonna put me down into, but it didn't sound very nice and I'm glad Ms. Carol and Mr. Skipped rescued me. I was diagnosed with the parvo virus shortly after this picture was taken and had to go to the hospital in Charlestown, WV. When I was cured I needed to be quarantined for 4 weeks and AHGRR didn't have a quarantine facility ($$$) so mom and dad picked me up to foster. However, once again they proved to be inept as foster parents and they decided they loved me too much to take me back. So now I've been appointed "Team Captain" in our effort to have AHGRR win some of the grant money that the Animal Rescue Site is distributing to those animal shelters that garner enough votes. We're doing quite well for a team that started late; 5 weeks into the competition, but we are playing "catch up." We have moved up from 10th, then #9, to the #7 position amongst West Virginia Shelters and AHGRR is now up to the #546 position overall. AHGRR was NOT in the top 1000 on last Monday last week; on Tuesday we were #903, Wednesday we were #817, then #741 Friday #688 on Saturday/Sunday, and #603 yesterday. We are moving in the right direction because of YOUR VOTES, so PLEASE keep voting once a day per computer. Dad votes at home and at work every day. We really have to keep voting in order to get AHGRR in a range to win one of the 73 cash awards; maybe the prize for most votes in one week. We hope y'all don't get upset by our daily reminder about voting. Please go to the bottom of this post to read all about it. Thank you all very much for helping us in this effort. You're helping to save lives and provide health care and shelter for homeless dogs while they're awaiting their furever homes. PLEASE consider posting the voting instructions on your blog and asking your readers to join us in our effort. We know this is a pain in the butt, but the holiday season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than taking the time and effort to vote in order to alleviate a poor pup's pain and suffering.
- The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties

Life Question From Boru:
What happens if you get scared half to death, twice?
(This pup in Iraq has a guardian angel.)
The webpage is somewhat temperamental but the above link is correct. Please give the page enough time to fully load to "Done" before proceeding. Then we want you to enter the following red data into the boxes provided:
Shelter Name: Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue
Country: United States
State: WV
City: Capon Bridge
Then click on "Search." The page will then do its' thing and will end up showing the location of AHGRR: Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.Capon Bridge, WV 26714. And, more importantly, a "VOTE" button will appear. Click on the "VOTE" button. You will then have to identify a particular animal in a photo to confirm your vote; this eliminates machine voting. You then will be thanked for your vote to indicate that your vote has registered. You can cast one vote every day for your favorite rescue organization. Voting begins on September 14th, 2009, and ends at midnight (PST) on December 20th, 2009. The more friends you can rally to vote for your favorite rescue organization, the better its chances of winning. Every vote, every day counts - shelters can pull ahead even during the last few days with enough support. Get people involved! The homeless dogs at Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary are counting on us!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom always says weeds and non-typikhal grasses deserve to live too!

Happy Tuesday!

PeeEssWoo: That is who I thought this week's MG is!

JackDaddy said...

What a great set of pictures! The trees look wonderful - I bet they even look good without their leaves!

Huffle Mawson said...

Mum says thanks for showing the hydrangea pictures!

The Thundering Herd said...

Terrible Terrain? Our hu-dad says he went for no grass of any sort in the present house. Just woods. And our satellite farm is on the roof!

Gus said...

Yup...we agree with Khyra's mom on this one. Your weed may be my lovely flower. Or, it may just be another spot to pee.


pee ess...Muzzer says she an dad may be the ONLY folks in their age group who never got around to "weed" She wrote in his name for president one year based on that qualification.

Bob said...

Really enjoy looking around your place, we wish we lived where their was so much room to roam.

Hamish & Sophie

Clive said...

Hi guys, we back! loved the post -you sure have plenty of room.

Many thanks for your very kind comments and we're thrilled to be back (by order of the not-so-little man!)

take care

Anonymous said...

Old Barney really is kyute! Our beans are originally from NJ and it's Exit #4 off the NJ Turnpike.

The Army of Four said...

Look at that cute little pocket pup!!!
Tail wags,
PS: Go Army, Beat Navy!
Hadn't said that in a while; thought it needed said.

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Weeds, no grass - whatever - momma says it is a lovely setting and yard.

Goin' over to vote fur you!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Come to our bloggy! We have placed a voting button on it for your rescue organization. If you would like the html, just give us a bark!


National Canine Cancer Foundation


If you can, please consider opening your home to a homeless animal, preferably a dog or cat or other domesticated animal; livestock does better on farms and wild animals do better in zoos and parks. Your local Humane Society or SPCA or Animal Shelter has a wide selection of could be, should be, pets looking for new homes. If you can't adopt, perhaps you can at least become a sponsor. We'll show you how to help out Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary (AHGRRS) on our blog page, but you can help out any organization of your choice, but please help; contribute or volunteer.
- The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties


So many Senior and Special Needs Goldens do not find "forever homes". Many of these dogs have above average medical needs and costs, are maintained on "special" diets, or have other extraordinary needs. Your donations can be targeted towards a particular Senior or Special needs Golden Retriever. As a sponsor, you will receive updates about your "special" Golden, and will be mentioned in our quarterly newsletter as the dog's sponsor. We also accept Paypal donations. Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organization and that your donation is fully tax-deductible. Please just write the Golden's name in the memo line of your check or Paypal submission when sponsoring a Golden Retriever.


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