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Hey Hounders,
Big Jubes, Jubal, here hosting today's posting. In the United States today is our national Thanksgiving Day. Today is a national holiday, and it is a day for us all to reflect and give thanks for all that we hold dear. All 13 of us "pets" here at the Golden Acher Wood are thankful just for being a part of The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties. We are grateful for a mom and dad that do their best for us. The feed us, they care for us, they nurture us; but most importantly, they love us. Our mom and dad don't consider themselves our "owners" as much as our custodial care givers and guardians so to speak. Yeah, they're legally on the hook if we bite the mailman or something unlawful, but that's not the extent of our relationship with them. It is highly unusual not to find either mom or dad with us when they're home. We each get our own mom and/or dad time; a little one on one for each of us. We also get group attention. As dad says, a letter of reprimand is better than no mail at all. Mom and dad often do without so that we can do with. Things like going to see Doc Witter and being fed twice a day and having a fenced paddock and pen. Dog and cat toys a plenty throughout the house. None of us is on the end of a chain tied to a tree or a stake in the ground day in and day out. We are thankful for all of these things. Mom and dad say that they are thankful just to have us sharing our all too short lives with them. We here are all thankful to have such GReat blogging buddies throughout the world; friends in the U.S., Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland, England, Singapore, South Africa and elsewhere. We hope that all of you have things that you are thankful for too. We wish you well and a happy Thanksgiving Holiday where ever, when ever or how ever you celebrate it.

We received the Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary Thanksgiving newsletter yesterday so we thought that we would post it here today. We should all be thankful that Ms. Carol and Mr. Skip are there to help homeless pups in their time of need.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope everyone has a bountiful, relaxing Thanksgiving.
We have a few new faces here - again - and they are looking for sponsors. We have two more due in over the holidays - - - - - - -
DJ - This old gent is about 13 years young with a heart of gold. He could no longer navigate the stairs in his owners home, so he is here - - - - - - - and would love to find a forever home soon. DJ is a prime candidate for long term foster home/care. If you are interested, please let me know. DJ is arthritic, so a home with one floor - or a home where he would be comfortable on one floor is a must. This boy is a sweetheart.

King - This old boy was dumped alongside a rural road and left to die. King came to us with severe ear infections which have left him mostly or completely deaf, dry eye problems (which have affected his vision), heartworm positive (and cannot be treated now due to all his other issues), severely infested with intestinal worms, and very arthritic. We are treating his immediate needs now (ears, eyes, intestinal worms) and will probably put him on a long term program for heartworm disease as he is not strong enough right now to undergo treatment. We will also hold off on his neuter as his condition will not support anesthesia. In spite of all his problems, this old dog has heart - and guts - and a tremendous will to live. We need people to help us with his current and future medical needs. (King is the dog that dad transported last Saturday)

Fella - 7 year old Fella suffers from severe separation anxiety. We didn't know this when he came to us, so it has been a rocky road for him so far. Fella doesn't always like other dogs, so sadly he is going to require a special home. He's a wonderful dog who has been passed from one family member to another and then to rescue. That cannot happen again - Fella needs his own person and home. His anxiety can be controlled with the aid of some moderately priced prescription drugs and it is our hope that he will find that special home that he so deserves.
Once again, thank you, everyone for your support. If you are travelling this holiday season, please be safe.


Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue

Our Voting Team Captain, Radar (the bob tailed brat) asked me to mention that Ms. Carol's letter highlights the reasons that we want all of you to vote everyday, between now and December 20th, for AHGRR in The Animal Rescue Site monetary grant event. There are directions at the bottom of the blog. AHGRR is #3 in the state of West Virginia and #206 nationally. If you can't adopt, foster, or donate, perhaps you can vote. We would be "Thankful."

- Jubal and The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties



On August 5th, 1620, the Mayflower and the Speedwell set sail from Southampton, England, for the Hudson River, in what is now New York.

The Pilgrims did not leave behind a list of the things that they brought with them, so we do not know exactly what they brought. They were short of money, and so had very little with them but the necessities of life. In August 1620, a letter written by some of the Mayflower passengers as they lie in Southampton, England, wrote "we are forced to sell away £60 worth of our provisions, ... scarce having any butter, no oil, not a sole to mend a shoe nor every man a sword by his side, wanting many muskets, much armor, etc." We do know from written accounts that they had some Holland cheese, some dried beef, salt pork, biscuit (hard tack), wheat, peas, oil, and butter. The only known animals brought on the Mayflower were two dogs, a mastiff and an English spaniel, primarily for hunting, though it is possible they brought some chickens or pigs. The first goats, cattle, and oxen did not begin arriving at Plymouth until several years later, and horses were not to be seen for several more years. Some passengers brought a good number of books, a few expectant mothers brought cradles. While there may have been a few wooden chests, most other furniture was built after arrival from local materials.

Not long after they departed, the Speedwell began to leak and the ships were forced to stop in Dartmouth, England, for repairs. On August 21st, they left again, only to have new leaks force them to return to England once more, this time to Plymouth. There it was decided that the Speedwell could not be made seaworthy for such a voyage.

On September 6th, the Mayflower again set sail for the New World, this time alone. There were 102 passengers on board, most of whom were Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution.

For 2 ½ months, the passengers and crew endured cold, sickness, bad food, leaks that threatened to scuttle the ship and storms that blew them far off course, before landing at what is now Provincetown, on Cape Cod, on November 21st. After determining that the area was not suitable for settlement, they landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 21st.

Despite the hardships, it was a successful crossing for that time in history, as only one person died. Nearly a year later, the Pilgrims celebrated a good harvest with the first Thanksgiving in the New World.

The English colonists we call Pilgrims celebrated days of thanksgiving as part of their religion. But these days were days of prayer, not days of feasting. Our national holiday really stems from the feast held in the autumn of 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag to celebrate the colony's first successful harvest, View the slideshow to see what the first "Turkey Day" might have looked like:

MONDAY MYSTERY GUEST: The Monday Mystery Guest is, as always, chosen from amongst our followers listed at the top of our blog. These are the clues so far:
1. - The MG could be a barber shop singing group.
2. - The MG helps those that are color blind.
3. - The MG has its' own meteorologist.
Today's Clue:
4. - The MG is like a newspaper; black and white and also red.

Life Lessons From Boru:

If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise.


Please go to this website:

The webpage is somewhat temperamental but the above link is correct. Please give the page enough time to fully load to "Done" before proceeding. Then we want you to enter the following red data into the boxes provided:
Shelter Name: Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue
Country: United States
State: WV
City: Capon Bridge
To simplify things, you can actually just select "WV" in the state drop down menu and type "Capon" in for theCity. Then click on "Search." The page will then do its' thing and will end up showing the location of AHGRR: Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. Capon Bridge, WV 26714. And, more importantly, a "VOTE" button will appear. Click on the "VOTE" button. You will then have to identify a particular animal in a photo to confirm your vote; this eliminates machine voting. You then will be thanked for your vote to indicate that your vote has registered. You can cast one vote every day for your favorite rescue organization. Voting began on September 14th, 2009, and ends at midnight (PST) on December 20th, 2009. The more friends you can rally to vote for your favorite rescue organization, the better its chances of winning. Every vote, every day counts - shelters can pull ahead even during the last few days with enough support. Get people involved! The homeless pets awaiting adoption at Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary are counting on us


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day to ALL of woo!

Khousin Merdie's story will be the main feature on my Thanksgiving Day post! Mom was even able to post a pikh of her and her sisfur Lexie!

Mom has made sure Unkhle Paul has Almost Heaven's info fur when they are ready to add more gold to their lives!

Between the two of us, we khan have a nice rendition of Bad Khompany's Silver Blue and Gold!

PeeEssWoo: I wonder if your MG has seen Toto?

JackDaddy said...

A very nice Thanksgiving post all around!

I hope your day is calm and happy! :)

Tanuki Maxx said...

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you!!
A truly beautiful post!


Bob said...

Great Post, we are thankful that we have you and all our blogger friends.

Huffle Mawson said...

Happpy thanksgiving to every single one of you!

The Thundering Herd said...

What an excellent post. We are certainly thinking of those that are waiting on their forever homes this Thanksgiving Day - and giving thanks for having found ours.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Gus said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Have a wonderful and relaxing day.


Fin said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Butchy and Snickers said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Angel Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

The Army of Four said...

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
Great post, great write-up on the first Thanksgiving! We have much to be grateful for!
Tail wags,

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

What a great post.....
HAppy happy happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!!
We're thankful to have met you and to have you as our special friends now and furever!!!!
HAve a wonderful day with all your special family!!!!

Clive said...

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

love and woofs
Clive and family

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Wishing you and yours the most blessed of days as we break bread with friends and family or spend our time as a volunteer with any one of the numerous charities in need of our time and talents.

Peace, plenty, prosperity - my wish for the United States of America.

River said...

Happy thanksgiving! thanks for posting the newsletter. What a wonderful group of old gold. My mom is senior beagle rescue (even got 5 from the Fluvanna shelter many years ago When she used to travel between Ga & northern Va--we still have one too!). Most of our pack is old. I'm a baby compared to them. Hope you all had a lovely day.

love & wags,


National Canine Cancer Foundation


If you can, please consider opening your home to a homeless animal, preferably a dog or cat or other domesticated animal; livestock does better on farms and wild animals do better in zoos and parks. Your local Humane Society or SPCA or Animal Shelter has a wide selection of could be, should be, pets looking for new homes. If you can't adopt, perhaps you can at least become a sponsor. We'll show you how to help out Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary (AHGRRS) on our blog page, but you can help out any organization of your choice, but please help; contribute or volunteer.
- The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties


So many Senior and Special Needs Goldens do not find "forever homes". Many of these dogs have above average medical needs and costs, are maintained on "special" diets, or have other extraordinary needs. Your donations can be targeted towards a particular Senior or Special needs Golden Retriever. As a sponsor, you will receive updates about your "special" Golden, and will be mentioned in our quarterly newsletter as the dog's sponsor. We also accept Paypal donations. Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organization and that your donation is fully tax-deductible. Please just write the Golden's name in the memo line of your check or Paypal submission when sponsoring a Golden Retriever.


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