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Hey Hounders,
Sophie (Sofa-Dof) here with today's post. Well, it snowed again starting at about 1:00 PM yesterday afternoon. We really have enough already and don't need anymore. Send it to Vancouver B.C., Canada, where there evidently is a shortage this year. Well mom has been able to give the boot to her boot (soft cast). She has been issued an akle brace that isn't anywhere as cumbersome as the boot. Because of all of the snow, she also purchased a pair of Ariat hiking boots. She is able to wear those with normal socks and they seem to provide her support for her left foot and ankle. Dad had to take it relatively easy over the weekend because his shoulder and back were still bothering him a bit. He's basically OK except a little "grumpier" than normal; so we'll just refer to him as GGOM instead of just GOM. Mom always said that since there are so many of us Golden Retrievers here that we should call the house "Golden Acres." We think that since her and dad are so old and so bruised up and achy that we should call the place "Golden Achers" instead. What's your vote?

We just got a newsletter email from Ms. Carol up at Almost Heaven Golden retriever Rescue and Sanctuary (AHGRR). The snow is really having an impact on operations. maybe some of you can help out AHGRR. Volunteers, time and money are always needed; not that y'all don't already now that. Well here's Ms. Carol's newsletter:

Hi Everyone - - - -
Well - as most of you have guessed - SNOW - is becoming a very big issue here - - - - - - for a lot of reasons.
Adoptions have come to a screeching halt - people are hesitant to drive here - and quite honestly, I can't blame them. The roads in here are "private" are though they do get some attention, it can be sporadic, and this year the snow clearing efforts have been plagued with equipment failures.
Drinking water here is being hauled by Skip - gallon jug by gallon jug as our supply of spring water in our holding tank ran out last week and there is just no way to get a truck in here right now to fill it. There have been days when we have had to buy it as access to the spring head has been blocked by the ice and snow.
We are swamped with intake requests. Since we cannot get dogs out of here, getting them in here has become a huge issue. We are having to board and beg to keep some of them safe.
Here are some of our other newcomers/waiting to come in puppers:
Murphy - not quite 1 year old, his owners were just not prepared for the responsibilities of dog ownership and so Murphy has been living in a basement for most of his young life. We hope to pick him up this week.
Nikkee - showed up on a kind lady's doorstep in rural WV. Nikkee has a dislocated hip as a result of being hit by a car. The hip was repaired once, but the repair did not "hold". He also needs to be neutered.
Lola - her owners had all 3 of their dogs confiscated by Animal Control because they refused to take proper care of them. Poor Lola has been stuck in the shelter, then boarding at a vet hospital because the snow made her rescue so difficult.
Lexie - 2 year old female whose owners are separating and neither could take Lexie with them. Lexie will be enjoying indoor living after having spent a good deal of her life in a muddy, outdoor pen.
Rebel and Jessie - Their owner passed away and his wife didn't have time to care for them. They have spent their entire lives outside on runners, but that will all change now. They are currently at Hillside, Jessie has a huge umbilical hernia that will be repaired alongwith her spay procedure. This is probably the first time either of them have seen a vet in a long time - or maybe ever. Jessie is 5 years old or so, and Rebel is a little older - about 7 or 8.
I am searching for sponsors for the newcomers and those due in. Boarding can eat us alive if we are not careful. We do not want to have to turn dogs away - but this winter is draining us physically and financially. If you can spare a few dollars to sponsor one of the above dogs, or partially sponsor one, it would be deeply appreciated. It costs about $140 to board a dog for one week. The cost to fully vet a dog now is at least $200 - barring any unforeseen medical issues.
And, those of you who cannot afford to donate, please VOTE for us in the Shelter Challenge and spread the word to others to vote for us. Ritchie County Shelter is tying a can to our tail - and I cannot tell you just how much that money would mean to us.
It only takes a minute or two of your time each day - and it could mean soooo much to us and the dogs here.
If you think you could foster a needy dog - even for a week or two - - - - - please contact us. We are working the few fosters we have to pieces - - - - - - -
We also have a fundraiser sponsored by Dave Coalburn, whose art we have featured many times and who contributes to our cause on such a regular basis. Dave is offering pendants for sale, featuring his artwork on a tile, complete with a silver chain.
The price is only $17.50, including shipping and handling - - - - - - - - that is almost unbelievable! And, if you don't like the designs offered here, use the links below to pick out some other options for your pendant. Dave is handling the collection of monies and mailing of the necklaces, so please contact him directly with questions or to purchase. David is donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale of these pendants to Almost Heaven. Please specify that you want the proceeds to go to Almost Heaven when you contact him.
Coalburn, Dave
E-mail Address(es):
More options:
Thank you everyone. Sorry to be so long winded - I think it's from being cooped up in the snow too long - lol
Stay safe and stay warm.

Please keep sending your prayers and good vibes for our ailing buddies Chandler and Max. Stop by their sites and give them some encouragement in their battles against canine cancer. If you have not yet done so, please vote for Max's blog at http://www.trainpetdog.com
. His special blog code is: Di6Ym Voting closes: 20th February 2010.
- The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties

Tuesday, February 16, 2010:
Wrangler at AHGRR sez: Things haven't changed, so as of 2/16/2010 we are still #64 in the Shelter Challenge voting nationally, we were at #62 . However, we are still #2 in West Virginia (16.20% of WV votes). The Ritchie County Humane Society is #1 in WV (27.31% of WV votes) and #24 nationally; they have widened the gap to 40 places higher than us and are still widening their lead. Please help us get back on top by voting today.

Please see the top of our blog page for instructions.

The Animal Rescue Site


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It started snowing about 3pm here but has already stopped...something about dryer air above us -

Please take khare of your injured humans!


JackDaddy said...

There is still lots of snow on the mountains here!

I vote for Golden Achers! :)

Huffle Mawson said...

I'm glad to hear your mum's ankle is getting better!

Sheila and Bob said...

Glad your Mom's ankle is better, now to try and keep your Dad repaired.
Our Mom & Dad said that many of us with Golden's could call our property "Golden Achers"

Something about the Golden years being more like dented aluminum.

Hamish & Sophie

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Glad your mom is feeling better and our mom LOL'd at "golden Achers" LOL

~Kim~ said...

I enjoyed your post and hope all is well in your neck of the woods and everyone continues to mend!! Are you all dug out yet? We are, and are hoping that the snow has left us!!! Take care!!!!


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