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Hey Hounders,
It's Radar, the blind (from birth), red Golden Retriever Bumpass Hound,  on the keyboard today.  Please pardon any typos as I'm totally blind and have to use the canine Braille system of typing, plus I haven't got oppossible thumbs..  (Enlarge my photo and look closely at my eyes and you'll appreciate what I'm dealing with here.)

Y'all know that I'm an Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary (AHGRR)  success story; I guess I'm supposed to have been dead for over a year now, but here I am enjoying the heck out of life with my brothers and sisters, both canine and feline.  Anyway, we got a newsletter update from Ms. Carol up at AHGRR  and we thought that you'd all like to read it and find out what's going on.  Maybe, if your situation permits, you can help out AHGRR if at all possible.  Remember, there's no such thing as doing too little unless you do nothing at all when you could do something.  We hope that you're all well and safe.  Don't forget to keep Max Dog in your prayers as he fights his battle with cancer.  Today is his 300th post, so stop by and congratulate him please. We all love him.
Here's Ms. Carol's newsletter about AHGRR.
- Radar and The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties
Hi Everyone:
I'm so sorry to be so far behind in communicating - - - blame it on old age - lol - and this darned winter that just will not go away - - - - - - -

A few years ago, we offered a series of pins and/or refrigerator magnets, designed by Jenny McMurtrie (who is well known for her wonderful art - and for her support of rescue).
Wellllll - - - - - - - we have decided to do it again - - - and beginning with February's design below, we will be offering for sale a different design each month for the next year.  Each design will be available for sale for a short period of time, so if you are interested, please order early.  And, as we got a late start on February's design, please order soon.
February's Design   
The above design is available in both a pin or a refrigerator magnet for only $12/each (including shipping and handling) or 2 for $22
All the ordering information and the link to paypal (if you choose to order that way) is available on our homepage - including where to send a check if you choose to order that way.  BE SURE TO TELL ME IF YOU WANT PINS OR MAGNETS.
I am sure you will want to collect them all.

Sneak Preview/Sale:  We have the new Jenny McMurtrie pins/magnet designs for March (Pin #2) and April (Pin #3).  March is on the left, April on the right.  Each pin is $12, including postage and handling, but if you order 2 or more - the cost is reduced to $10/each.  If you would like to order, please let me know which design you want and how many and I will send you a paypal invoice.  They are not yet posted on our website - so I will need to invoice you individually.  (Or you can mail a check to:  Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue, P.O. Drawer D, Delray, WV  26714)  Please remember to tell me which design you are ordering and whether you want a pin or magnet.

<-- March Design   &   April design -->

We have lots of new faces here - and quite a few that are in boarding and will need to find homes soon.  Some of these pictures are from the shelter folks as the dogs are still in boarding and we have not been able to get good ones of them yet.

Clifford - 8 year old Clifford ended up homeless when his owner also became homeless.  He's a sweet dog, seems to get along with everything and everyone - and appears to have had good care in spite of his owners personal problems.  Clifford is subject to an occasional seizure, but they are so infrequent that the veterinarians to date have not felt medications were necessary.  A foster or adoptive home would be great for this boy.

Layla - such a horrible picture for such a beautiful 18 month old girl.  She was abandoned at a high kill WV shelter when she needed emergency medical treatment for pyometra.  Layla has been spayed and treated, and is boarding safely at a veterinary hospital awaiting transport.

 Nellie - Another very pretty 18 month old girl whose rescue was held up by this terrible winter we've had here in WV.  Nellie's owner finally told us that she had placed Nellie in a good home - - - - - - but sadly, that home turned out to be the same high kill shelter that we found Layla in.  Nellie is safe now - - - - - boarding at a vet hospital and awaiting a better life.

 Lexie Two - We got a call from a family who was unable to care for Lexie any more.  Little did we know that the lack of care was life threatening - as Lexie Two only weighed 30 pounds when our volunteers picked her up.  (Two other dogs in the home, small dogs, were fat and well fed.)  Lexie Two is now spayed, vaccinated, and gaining weight.  Her foster Mom says she is ready for her permanent home.
Penny - Elderly Black Lab - No Picture yet - but Penny came to us from a lady who rescued her when Penny's elderly owner became physically unable to care for her any more.  She is still being evaluated and is in an experienced foster home.  More news will follow.
We currently have 3 dogs in boarding.  We hope this is a temporary situation, but transport from certain areas has been difficult at best.  Murphy (photo at the bottom of blog page), Layla, and Nellie are all boarding.  Any help with this cost is appreciated.  If you would like to try fostering, please let me know.  We can always use the help.
Thank you, everyone for your ongoing support.  We could not do this without YOU. 
Please Vote Daily for
Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary
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The Animal Rescue Site Murphy, our new spokesdog for Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, says that we need your help!

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Vote for Virginia State Trooper Jessica J. Cheney's memoriam NASCAR car design:



February 2010 (Pin #1) - Golden Retriever Pin

Designed by Jenny McMurtrie, artist extraordinaire, and a staunch rescue supporter.
The February Pin - #1 in a series of 12 -(shown below) is available, exclusively through Almost Heaven.

Almost Heaven February Collector Pin

Price: $12.00 each (includes shipping & handling)
Please specify the Pin or Magnet and the Month of the Design in the comments section when ordering
Don't miss your chance to own one of these truly unique pins & help save lives, too.

You can order through PayPal using the "donation" button below or mail request to: Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue, P.O. Drawer D, Delray, WV 26714


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Dang Radar!

Woo did one woof-o-VA job here!

GReat work!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Sheila and Bob said...

Radar, you are a great spokesdog.
We have done our daily voting and also for the Troopers memorial

Hamish & Sophie

JackDaddy said...

Why would people lie about where a dog who can be saved is? I just don't understand people sometime!!!


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If you can, please consider opening your home to a homeless animal, preferably a dog or cat or other domesticated animal; livestock does better on farms and wild animals do better in zoos and parks. Your local Humane Society or SPCA or Animal Shelter has a wide selection of could be, should be, pets looking for new homes. If you can't adopt, perhaps you can at least become a sponsor. We'll show you how to help out Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary (AHGRRS) on our blog page, but you can help out any organization of your choice, but please help; contribute or volunteer.
- The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties


So many Senior and Special Needs Goldens do not find "forever homes". Many of these dogs have above average medical needs and costs, are maintained on "special" diets, or have other extraordinary needs. Your donations can be targeted towards a particular Senior or Special needs Golden Retriever. As a sponsor, you will receive updates about your "special" Golden, and will be mentioned in our quarterly newsletter as the dog's sponsor. We also accept Paypal donations. Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organization and that your donation is fully tax-deductible. Please just write the Golden's name in the memo line of your check or Paypal submission when sponsoring a Golden Retriever.


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